Xolani Gwala shows up since cancer diagnosis

Xolani Gwala makes his first public appearance after colon cancer diagnosis

The majority of Johannesburg advanced out of bed at the beginning of today to participate in 702’s yearly ‘Walk The Talk’ event which started brilliant an ahead of schedule at Marks Park in the suburb of Emmarentia.
In any case, what numerous participants were cheerful to see was the station’s breakfast host, Xolani Gwala, out and about. Gwala has been engaging disease throughout recent months subsequent to declaring his diagnosis on air, toward the end of last year.

Not very many individuals have approached Gwala put something aside for a couple of updates from his colleagues, such as Redi Tlhabi, who kept us updated on his advance.

A few weeks ago, 702 station manager Thabisile Mbete expressed “Xolani is in remission and is back at home recovering from his last operation. We are all looking forward to having him back on the station once he has recovered.”

And based on this picture of the radio host, we’re glad to see he’s doing well.

Talking on the radio station on Friday, Xolani refreshed listeners on his condition.He revealed that the cancer was at an advanced stage.

“I’m living with something big. I found out that I have colon cancer‚ which was advanced‚” Xolani told fellow 702 presenter Stephen Grootes.

His oncologist Dr Omondi Ogudi said Xolani’s disease had spread to his liver.

Xolani, who has just had his first operation, and will begin chemotherapy one week from now.

“It’s going to be a long fight‚ but a fight that I’m ready for,” he added.

Xolani said he discovered about the cancer after suffering from a fever earlier this year.

“This was so sudden. In April‚ I was running the London marathon. Suddenly you have a fever‚ you go to the doctor and you are told you have cancer,” he reflected.

In a voice note sent not long ago, Xolani expressed gratitude toward his fans for the proceeded with help and requested privacy during this time.

“I have asked for time off from the station, so that I can address this issue and also deal with the treatment when necessary. I will appeal for privacy and your understanding on these matters. Other than that I certainly will be back as soon as everything is sorted out,” he said.

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